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Monitor your SLA levels with Live Maps Unity 7.5

Monitor your SLA levels with Live Maps Unity 7.5 by Daniel Örneling If you’ve heard about Live Maps Unity before, then you’ve most likely heard a lot about how it empowers business service modeling and allows you to monitor your services (such as your e-mail environment or a local Sharepoint site) together with all the components […]

Proactively monitor your SLA with SCOM

A service level agreement (SLA) is a contractual document between a service provider and a customer that spells out responsibilities of both parties. It describes the type and quality of services customers can expect to receive from their providers, and outlines how customers can resolve problems. A typical SLA can include the following information: Quality […]

A way to get SLO instance duration without Pending time in #SCSM 2012

When SLA management was presented in Microsoft System Center 2012 Service Manager, one of the first things we did was SCUtils SLAInstanceDuration. It occurred because all our customers using SCSM 2012 wanted to know how they performed against Service Level Objectives (SLO) targets. For instance, if the target resolution time was 16 hours for Low […]

Exploring the new features of Live Maps Unity 7.5 by MVP Marius Sandbu

Microsoft has been slowly moving away from using Silverlight based and traditional Windows Framework consoles. Just last week, Microsoft announced that they were releasing an HTML5-based self-service console for Service Manager and for Configuration Manager as well. But for Operations Manager, nothing has changed. Luckily Savision, a Microsoft Gold partner, has been doing a lot […]

Sneak Preview – Live Maps Unity 7.5: SLA Monitoring

At Savision, we have been working hard on the new release of Live Maps Unity 7.5. The upcoming release will feature improved functionalities so you can get the most out of your System Center environment. We wanted to give you a glimpse of how we have extended the business service model within Live Maps Unity 7.5, including […]

Controlling Live Maps Unity Service Rollup Behavior: Experiences from the field by Jonas Lenntun

Introduction With Savision Live Maps Unity, you gain great insight into the current status of the delivery of your IT-services in a simple and intuitive interface. Using the Live Maps Authoring Console, you can control the behavior of which alerts are going to be fired off when a service goes into an undesired state. However, […]

And now one more report for Service Request with SLA details

October 2014 is a month of the SCSM reporting. Adding one more piece to the jigsaw puzzle of the Service Manager 2012, we’ve created and published a new report for Service Requests with the information about the SLO instance’s durations. Does it really matter? For instance, if a ticket had been created on Friday and then […]

SLA Management in System Center Operations Manager

The idea behind this article is to show you how you can create dynamic groups that represent different Service Level Agreements (for example GOLD, SILVER or BRONZE). Depending what SLA level is certain CI (server) it will be put in the corresponding group. Also I should mention that this solution is already available over Internet […]