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New features of SCUtils Email Connector v 1.9 that #SCSM admins will definitely love

As many of you might know, a maximum number of attached files to an incident can be set in the range from zero to ten (0-10) in the SCSM console. For a regular incident is quite enough… in a perfect life. You are probably very well informed that many end users do love to add to […]

How to Add Comment about Review Decision (C# version) in #SCSM 2012

Almost two years ago, we have posted about adding a comment in the SCSM Action Log about a review decision. PowerShell is an excellent tool but the performance of Microsoft System Center 2012 Service Manager is always an area to improve. So we decided to rewrite our first solution in C# with some improvements. The […]

Custom Close Task for Rejected Service Requests in #SCSM 2012

In one of my previous post I wrote about how to set a status of declined Service Requests to Rejected instead of Failed. I received many thanks from the community and that was pleasant. However, one reader, Martin, added a comment about Close task that couldn’t be applied to Rejected Service Requests. I quickly checked […]

Direct download file attachments from the SCSM self-service portal!

Please welcome a free SCSM extension that lets you download the file attachments directly from the self-service portal. Everyone who uses the Microsoft System Center 2012 Service Manager is well informed that it’s impossible to create a direct link to the file attached to the incident, business service, and any other type of the Service Manager […]

How to manage a way that makes it easy to capture experiences in Service Manager 2012

The reality proves that the comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge base is an essential and laborious tool. We can accumulate tons of the resolved incidents with detailed (sometimes not so detailed) resolutions but our knowledge base may stay a desert. Some of the ITIL implementers think that an ability to edit the knowledge article in the […]

User satisfaction survey for Service Manager 2012

One of the missing features of Microsoft System Center 2012 Service Manager is a user satisfaction survey for closed incidents and service requests. In 2009, product team published a blog post how to create a survey using SharePoint products with some tricks. We used that approach many times in our consulting projects but often met […]

How to acknowledge First Response Time for Service Requests in Microsoft System Center 2012 Service Manager

Most of the companies that use Microsoft System Center 2012 Service Manager are Microsoft-oriented. So no wonder that System Center Service Manager Connector 3.0 for Exchange is commonly there. One of the most required features is an ability to parse keywords for Incident first response. It works perfect and a first response’s field is often used to create the […]

How to create a workflow that sets “Actual End Date” for Change Requests in Service Manager 2012

I’ve recently noticed in TechNet forum a thread about Actual End Date value for Change Requests. In first version of Microsoft System Center 2010 Service Manager this field was populated automatically. In Service Manager 2012, even in R2, it isn’t filled out. This value could very useful if you have some reports that count the […]