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Using a related object from the deleted relationship to notify ex-assigned analysts (C# version)

Engaging data from deleted relationships can be very useful in some cases. For instance, to be aware if someone deletes affected users in the closed cases or replaces attachments etc. In one of my first post I described how to send notification to an ex-AssignedTo analyst about a withdrawal. Actually, instead of using the data […]

SCUtils Email Connector’s connection settings for popular email platforms used with #SCSM

We periodically receive requests about the SCUtils Email Connector’s connection settings for popular messaging platforms. I’ve decided to post about the connection settings used for those email systems. First of all, I have to mention that the connection settings of the on-premise systems could be changed on the server side. So it’s a good idea to […]

How to Add Comment about Review Decision (C# version) in #SCSM 2012

Almost two years ago, we have posted about adding a comment in the SCSM Action Log about a review decision. PowerShell is an excellent tool but the performance of Microsoft System Center 2012 Service Manager is always an area to improve. So we decided to rewrite our first solution in C# with some improvements. The […]

Custom Close Task for Rejected Service Requests in #SCSM 2012

In one of my previous post I wrote about how to set a status of declined Service Requests to Rejected instead of Failed. I received many thanks from the community and that was pleasant. However, one reader, Martin, added a comment about Close task that couldn’t be applied to Rejected Service Requests. I quickly checked […]

Setting status of declined Service Requests to Rejected instead of Failed in #SCSM 2012

Introduced in SCSM 2012, Service Request has lacked a Rejected status from the very beginning. If any Review Activity of a Service Request is declined, the Service Request gets a Failed status. It’s a very confusing behavior that also affects the reporting. One of our customer wants to solve the situation but with a minimum […]

Let’s assign manual activities to yourself without opening the form in #SCSM 2012

Some of our customers complain that they waste time opening the manual activity’s form in System Center 2012 Service Manager to assign manual activities to themselves. For incidents and service requests there is a console task “Assign To Me” but not for manual activities. We have filled the gap. Come here to download the extension for […]

How to get InstanceID to download a file attachment from a #SCSM 2012 self-service portal

Recently we have received a request from a customer that wanted to use our free product, SCUtils File Attachment, to let end users open file attachments related to the knowledge articles. Sometimes it is suitable to attach files like Word templates, scripts, large documents rather than place all these things into an internal content of […]

How to help users help themselves with #SCSM Knowledge?

Let them know. That’s the answer. Microsoft System Center 2012 Service Manager has a knowledge base and self-service portal that provides a search function for end users. But such is life, and even if you have a full pack of knowledge articles, it doesn’t automatically mean that all your end users try to find an […]

How to edit LDAP Query filter of Active Directory Connectors in SCSM2012

Yesterday I participated in the Service Manager Customer LyncUp call and even typed two messages. I expected to see a road map for the Service Manager vNext but my expectations remain my expectations. However, I noticed that some people asked the product team about a feature request/bug fix that would allow editing the LDAP query […]