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Technical deep-dive for System Center + BlueStripe solution

  BlueStripe is hosting a technical deep-dive presentation titled “Bringing Applications To System Center – A Deep Dive into the System Center + BlueStripe Solution” on February 19th at 11AM Eastern Time. Attendees will learn how to use System Center + BlueStripe FactFinder to deliver: Dynamic application mapping, monitoring, and service-level alerting in Operations Manager Application […]

GUID Translation PowerShell Script

Below is a link to a PowerShell script that I wrote to translate whatever GUID SCOM gives you to clear human readable text.  I wrote this quick script one day when I got tired of copying and pasting GUID’s into my powershell command and wanted to have something a little less clunky. http://joshancel.wordpress.com/2013/09/10/guid-translate-script-powershell/ – Good Luck!

SCOM 2012 Disaster Recovery process for SQL Restore

I noticed a lack of documentation on the exact process of how to perform the restoration of the SQL back-end of SCOM 2012. So I decided to put together a step by step process on how to restore if you have a full SQL server failure. http://joshancel.wordpress.com/2013/05/31/scom-2012-disaster-recovery-sql-server-restore/   Intro Recently I had the need to […]

Everything you need to konw to become a SCOM Dashboard Jedi Master!

Came across the following link on Tim McFadden’s blog. This is an amazing resourse that can help you master the art of OpsManager 2012 Dashboards. http://www.scom2k7.com/dashboards-in-scom-2012/   This is a great resource! Thank you Tim McFadden.  

Archiving SCOM Console Task Status history to the data warehouse

Only our server operations team and a limited number of production control staff are allowed access to our production Windows Server consoles. As a result, operations must be involved in the security update process for certain legacy applications that require special handling. In some cases, data is corrupted if services and databases are not stopped […]