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3 Simple Steps to Improve your IT Monitoring with SCOM

Monitoring what matters with SCOM Learn in ‘3 Simple Steps to Radically Improve IT Monitoring with SCOM‘. Get the most out of your System Center Operations Manager investment with Savision’s newest E-Book. If you are using Operations Manager to monitor your IT elements, you will benefit from reading our free E-Book, which will show you how to improve the visibility […]

10 Reasons Why Live Maps Unity will change your World: Part 1

Are you familiar with Live Maps Unity? If you aren’t, check out the first part of this blog series, by SCOM Expert Daniel Örneling, who tells you why Live Maps Unity is a must-have if you want to have clear end-to-end visibility of your IT environment. 1. Business service monitoring made easy When you’ve built your […]

Live Maps Unity: Manage mobile devices with PowerShell

One of the features in Live Maps Unity is a mobile-device app that receives notifications when something goes wrong with a business service or a member of a Live Maps Unity view. The user of the app can choose to receive notifications for what services or Live Maps views they want to monitor. It would […]

Create Live Maps Unity Services in PowerShell

This time I am writing a technical article on how to create Live Maps Unity Services using PowerShell. Why would we want to create Live Maps Services using PowerShell? Live Maps Unity comes with an Authoring Console that makes creating Service very easy. But in some scenarios, you don’t want a human to create services. […]

Sneak Preview – Live Maps Unity 7.5: SLA Monitoring

At Savision, we have been working hard on the new release of Live Maps Unity 7.5. The upcoming release will feature improved functionalities so you can get the most out of your System Center environment. We wanted to give you a glimpse of how we have extended the business service model within Live Maps Unity 7.5, including […]

More relevance, not more data

Most companies that begin to formally manage their IT infrastructures do so when their management teams begin to perceive a pervasive state of uncertainty. Not only do various services go offline or perform poorly (due to overloading, data stalls or network problems), but they do so haphazardly, making mitigation difficult to plan and inefficient to […]

The benefits of business service management and dependency mapping by Dennis O’Reilly

The best way to deliver business services at the speed modern companies require is by using self-service portals and automation. To meet today’s high service quality levels, organizations need to monitor service delivery pro-actively. By using a solution that maps dependencies between IT components and service definitions, you’re able to deliver relevant information to the […]

SLA Information via SQL

The System Center Operations Manager data warehouse contains a wealth of information that can be surfaced by running reports in the console. However, using reports isn’t the only way you can extract valuable information from SCOM; you can also write tiny snippets of SQL to return exactly what you need to see. Recently, we had […]

Live Maps Unity and Big Data

Last week, Savision was an exhibitor at the Big Data Expo in Utrecht. In total there were about 60 companies in attendance all claiming they do something with Big Data and all with their own definition of the term. The common thread is that they all work with large data sets. We all know Big […]

Controlling Live Maps Unity Service Rollup Behavior: Experiences from the field by Jonas Lenntun

Introduction With Savision Live Maps Unity, you gain great insight into the current status of the delivery of your IT-services in a simple and intuitive interface. Using the Live Maps Authoring Console, you can control the behavior of which alerts are going to be fired off when a service goes into an undesired state. However, […]