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How to get better insights from SCOM + OMS data

Join Savision’s new online session to learn how to stay in control of your IT environment. Don’t miss our deep-dive session, hosted by Justin Boerrigter – Savision’s Technical Sales Manager, where he will demonstrate how you can get better insights from your SCOM and OMS data. During the session, you will learn how to correctly diagnose and fix problems before they impact the end-user experience. […]

Why Service-Oriented Monitoring is here to stay

Many of you are most likely running some kind of monitoring tool in your environment today to make sure that your servers are up and running as they should. Traditionally, monitoring has been focused at checking the state of single components, such as the server itself (does it respond to ping?), memory and CPU etc. […]

3 Simple Steps to Improve your IT Monitoring with SCOM

Monitoring what matters with SCOM Learn in ‘3 Simple Steps to Radically Improve IT Monitoring with SCOM‘. Get the most out of your System Center Operations Manager investment with Savision’s newest E-Book. If you are using Operations Manager to monitor your IT elements, you will benefit from reading our free E-Book, which will show you how to improve the visibility […]

10 Reasons Why Live Maps Unity will change your World: Part 1

Are you familiar with Live Maps Unity? If you aren’t, check out the first part of this blog series, by SCOM Expert Daniel Örneling, who tells you why Live Maps Unity is a must-have if you want to have clear end-to-end visibility of your IT environment. 1. Business service monitoring made easy When you’ve built your […]

End User Transaction Monitoring Using SCOM and Live Maps Unity

When you invest in Savision’s Live Maps Unity, you open up a whole new world with great opportunities to monitor your business services. One of the first things that many people associate Live Maps Unity with is the Service Map, where all the business services are displayed, along with their status. This map displays not […]

A deep dive into Live Maps Unity dashboards by Daniel Orneling

As you may already know Savision adds another level of functionality with its solutions to the System Center suite by letting us take that extra step in managing our IT environment. If you´ve been around and have followed this blog for a while, you may already have seen my last blog where I showed a couple […]

Extending the native capabilities of Operations Manager with Savision Live Maps by MVP Marius Sandbu

Operations Manager has always been a great tool; the challenge with it is that it requires proper tuning. If it doesn’t receive its proper tuning, it will just generate a lot of noise. However, if properly tuned, it will become an IT-admin’s best friend. Now, one other problem with it is that it’s aimed for […]

Overcoming Obstacles in Adopting ITIL

Despite the mixed views and doubts of IT managers and other business executives, ITIL is definitely here to stay. The reluctance of IT managers to adopt ITIL can be explained by several factors, such as their need to commit to a long and tedious project, as well as having to include executive management, which is […]

Overcoming IT Management Challenges with Live Maps Unity by MVP Janaka Rangama

You cannot manage IT just from an organizational chart, and it is not something that will run automatically after allocating an annual budget. Some organizations wrongly assume that the CIO needs to take the lead on every daily operational issue that the IT Team encounters. The role of a CIO is far wider, and a […]

Customize System Alerts to the Needs of the Recipient

The key to successful alerts is ensuring the right people are alerted in the right way and at the right time. Imagine one of your organization’s business critical services goes down due to a server’s outage. How many different people need to be notified? The IT manager on duty will focus first on getting the […]