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Authentication Error has Occurred (Code : 0x607) on Remote Console After you Apply UR4 for SPF 2012 R2

If you are applying Update Rollup 4 for System Center Service 2012 R2 Service Provider Foundation and you have have configured Remote Console to use IPv4 by using this solution (by Marc van Eijk) you may receive the following error when you try to connect to VM: An authentication error has occurred (Code: 0x607). This […]

Event ID 306 in TerminalServices-Gateway Log When Trying to Connect with Remote Console for Windows Azure Pack

I’ve just configure Remote Console for Windows Azure Pack and when I’ve tested to connect to VM I’ve received error. In order to get insight for the error I’ve logged on the RD Gateway server and open TerminalServices-Gateway log. The following error was logged: The user “Unknown”, on client computer “”, was not authorized to […]

How to Add RD Gateway for Remote Console to SPF without WAP

Lets say for some reason you are not using Windows Azure Pack but you are still using Service Provider Foundation and you want to add RD Gateway server so you can take advantage of Remote Console. This can be done trough the following simple lines of PowerShell: import-module spfadmin $stamp = get-scspfstamp $GWserver=”rdgw.contoso.com” New-SCSPFServer -Name […]