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Top 10 Charts in Azure Log Analytics and Application Insights

I’ve recently stumbled on forum question asking for chart that list only the top 10 resources or computers. Such chart is of course used a lot in performance metrics where for example you want to get the top 10 computers with CPU usage and list them in time chart. Check the full blog post here.

Find if You Are Using Only TLS 1.2 Protocol with Log Analytics

I’ve stumbled on a great article by Brandon Wilson named Demystifying Schannel on which he explains how we can enable verbose logging for Schannel to found out what protocols our machines are using. As I leave and breathe Log Analytics and love to crunch data I thought would be cool example if we can ingest […]

Programmatically Search Operations Management Suite

At Ignite Jo Chan showed us how we can now execute Search queries trough Operations Management Suite API which is basically Azure Resource Manager API. He demonstrated that with a tool called ARMClient. That tool seems nice but I wanted to get results with PowerShell as it is more familiar to me. Searching over Internet […]

Microsoft Azure Operational Insights Preview Series – SQL Assessment (Part 7)

During the last couple of months System Center Advisor or as probably will be known as Microsoft Azure Operational Insights Preview after TechEd Europe 2014 has received a lot of improvements and feature so we are now to Part 7. With this blog post I am also renaming all other blog posts. Here is the […]

Microsoft Azure Operational Insights Preview Series – Time Matters in Dashboard (Part 6)

So far I’ve covered almost every Intelligence Pack. Last week a new feature “My Dashboard” was released. This is one of the features I’ve voted on. With this short post I want to share a tip how to make your tiles in My Dashboard more useful. When you create Tiles in my dashboard you may […]

Fixing Event ID 31553 On SCOM Management Server

On a SCOM management server I’ve noticed event ID 31553 logged a lot constantly and in detail the error looked like this:– System   – Provider    [ Name]  Health Service Modules    – EventID 31553    [ Qualifiers]  49152     Level 2     Task 3     Keywords 0x80000000000000    – TimeCreated    [ SystemTime]  […]