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How to setup scheduled Maintenance Mode for servers in a SCOM group.

Firstly, I’d like to thank Søren Kjærhus for the help in getting this up & running (http://www.systemcentercentral.com/forums-archive/topic/scom-2012-automate-server-maintenance-mode/#post-215813).   My scenario: Our Production Support team starts their shift at 5am every morning and what they do for the next hour is restart important services, web portals, applications, etc, on a number of very important servers. The […]

Coretech WMI and PowerShell Browser

There are another nice tool to help Config Mgr 2012 in creating query’s Thank you coretech guys Kent Agerlund and Kaido Järvemets Here the License Agreement and how to install/ Use and download: http://blog.coretech.dk/kaj/coretech-wmi-and-powershell-browser/ and here is the Users Manual (RTFM) ;-): http://blog.coretech.dk/kea/coretech-wmi-powershell-explorerusing-the-wmi-feature/   have fun

Creating and Using Custom Properties in VMM 2012 in PowerShell (and a gotcha)

Custom properties, introduced in Virtual Machine Manager 2012 (VMM), consist of a user-defined name / value pair. They can be used in a variety of circumstances including VM placement (or use of matching properties on host groups), Reporting (by using custom properties to tag VM’s and services with various bits of owner information) Lifecycle Management […]