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Operations Management Suite – Performance Monitoring

OMS today released a new feature Performance monitoring. Not sure if that is the official name but basically allows you to gather performance data from servers by adding performance counters. The feature is located under Logs as it represents different king of log gathering. Keep in mind that this performance data gathering feature is different […]

New/Updated MP: Exchange 2013 MP Reborn

So far we’ve seen very bad implementations of Exchange Management Pack for SCOM. Even with Exchange 2013 I thought will be initial version and updates will be released regularly to improve it but that didn’t happen for a long time. Until now. Microsoft released an updated version of the Exchange 2013 Management Pack. I would […]

Where is My SQL SCOM Dashboard Performance Data?

I’ve seen cases where you have SCOM 2012 or higher and latest SQL Management Pack but the performance data is not showing in the SQL dashboards for some or for all of your SQL servers: In such case the solution can be simple as rebuilding SQL WMI described here: http://support2.microsoft.com/kb/956013 I also recommend restarting the […]

Implementing AVIcode, Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, it is almost critical to properly configure AVIcode if you want to get the most of it. AVIcode is great for the production environments from troubleshooting and monitoring perspective, but it may take some time to fine-tune AVIcode based on the application code analysis and based on the data you’ll […]

AVIcode 5.7: Performance pitfalls of chatty functions

If you enable AVIcode monitoring, it will monitor a very limited set of methods by default. There will be page loads, SQL calls, web service calls, and some other methods. But AVIcode will capture no data for your application methods. Why is that? The reason is really simple. One of the goals AVIcode has declared […]