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I’ve been meaning to write this blog post for a long time. The reason for that is because since the first preview of OMS (Operational Insights back in the day) I’ve received question like “I’ve removed the Microsoft Monitoring Agent from my server but why I still see the server in OMS?” trough various channels. […]

New Features in SCOM 2016 – Management Packs:Updates & Recommendations

In SCOM 2016 you can now simply go into the Management Packs administration, and see if there are any updates pending for any of the Management Packs within your environment. Simply…. {For the full post, please visit, SCOMandOtherGeekyStuff.com}

Exploring the new features of Live Maps Unity 7.5 by MVP Marius Sandbu

Microsoft has been slowly moving away from using Silverlight based and traditional Windows Framework consoles. Just last week, Microsoft announced that they were releasing an HTML5-based self-service console for Service Manager and for Configuration Manager as well. But for Operations Manager, nothing has changed. Luckily Savision, a Microsoft Gold partner, has been doing a lot […]

OMS Automation Part 1 – Execute Azure Automation Runbooks Against OpsMgr On-Premises

I was recently tasked with integrating OpsMgr and OMS, in addition to configuring the Automation solution and POC a OpsMgr automation task for a customer. During my adventures locating documentation on the various configuration steps to get everything integrated and working properly, I found that there really is not much “how to” documentation available out […]

OMS Automation Part 2 – Create a Custom Azure Automation Runbook to Execute Against OpsMgr On-Premises

In part 1 of the OMS Automation series I reviewed how to configure the Hybrid Runbook Worker to run Azure Automation against on-premises servers, specifically OpsMgr (here).  Additionally, we covered how to import and configure an existing Azure Automation integration module on the Hybrid Worker agent and in Azure Automation, and then demonstrated how to […]

Overcoming IT Management Challenges with Live Maps Unity by MVP Janaka Rangama

You cannot manage IT just from an organizational chart, and it is not something that will run automatically after allocating an annual budget. Some organizations wrongly assume that the CIO needs to take the lead on every daily operational issue that the IT Team encounters. The role of a CIO is far wider, and a […]

First look at SquaredUp’s new Visio plugin

Original Post A short while ago i implemented SquaredUp – a dashboard solution for OpsMgr in the company i work for. A few days ago, they released a new version (2.1) which includes a new Visio plugin. In short, this plugin allows you to add Monitored Objects to your Visio diagram, and show it’s health state […]

Creating seed discovery with Silect MP Author

This concept is now built in to MPAuthor SP4 Original post: http://adatumno.azurewebsites.net/operationsmanager/creating-seed-discovery-with-silect-mp-author As a System Center Operations Manager Engineer (or what ever your title is) you are probably some what familiar with developing your own management packs, and if not, you most likely will end up in a situation where a colleague or a client want […]

Export OpsMgr 2012 overrides to HTML, CSV and XML

*I made a small change to the script which now accepts parameters rather than editing the script it self. It was a quick fix to fulfill another task. you can download the new verison here: Export-Overrides Originally, this script was published by Daniele Muscetta and Pete Zerger. I adopted Dieter Wijckmans version to fit our needs. Basicly we […]

New Intelligence Pack for SQL Server Assessment is Available in Advisor

  Adding to the robust set of features and assessment scenarios that System Center Advisor provides by means of Intelligence packs for capacity planning, security assessment, system update, malware assessment, log management and change tracking, the Advisor team at Microsoft has released a new Intelligence Pack for SQL Server assessment. This marks an evolution in […]