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AVIcode 5.7: Custom Actions and Statistic Counters, Part 3

While configuring .NET management pack, you’ll inevitably run into this screen: .NET MP transactions This screen represents a really interesting feature which is often ignored. It might be because the terminology is a bit misleading, but it all comes down to the monitoring of particular pages/functions/web service methods. You can use this screen to define […]

AVIcode 5.7: Performance pitfalls of chatty functions

If you enable AVIcode monitoring, it will monitor a very limited set of methods by default. There will be page loads, SQL calls, web service calls, and some other methods. But AVIcode will capture no data for your application methods. Why is that? The reason is really simple. One of the goals AVIcode has declared […]

AVIcode 5.7: Custom Actions and Statistic Counters, Part 2

We have created a very simple custom action in Part 1. Apparently, there is not so much use for a custom action that writes something to a log file every time your application hits some other function. However, you might utilize the same approach if you wanted to count the number of calls to a […]