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Open Sourcing Download All Microsoft SCOM MPs Script

I am open sourcing download the script that I’ve created for downloading all Microsoft SCOM MPs. Open sourcing is meant to be a joke of course. It is a script with code that is available for viewing and changing as whatever serves your purpose since its creation. The difference is that I am moving to […]

Banishment for Silverlight

Banishment for Silverlight For years, our flagship product, Live Maps Unity has come complete with a web-based console so that you can view the state of your business services in the web browser of your choice. However, the Live Maps web console has started to show its age; this is most apparent in its use […]

Instrumenting the Hybrid Cloud: Whitepaper by MVP John Joyner

Discover the secrets to manage your cloud components: Download our EXCLUSIVE whitepaper ‘Instrumenting the Hybrid Cloud’ by MVP John Joyner Discover the secrets to manage your cloud components. Learn the right way to instrument your cloud, and on-premises infrastructure with System Center technologies by downloading Savision’s newly released whitepaper from MVP John Joyner. Most enterprises have a […]

Azure RemoteApp: Error: DNS server could not be reached

As I’ve mentioned before I am in process on extending my scope. Part of that scope is Azure RemoteApp. So I’ve been exploring Hybrid Deployment and my setup is basically the same described here. So I had this deployment for than a month but recently when I tried to update my deployment with new image […]