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How to deploy OMS Agent on Linux

There are multiple ways how to deploy the OMS agent on your Linux server. In my post,  I am going to make use of GitHub and do a quick install on a Linux server. In my environment, I am deploying the OMS Linux (Preview) agent (version 1.1.0-124) on Ubuntu 14.04.4 x64. For the full post, […]

Operations Management Suite – Custom Fields / Extract Data Feature

I’ve been waiting for this OMS feature with anticipation. At first sight you might think that this is a feature that is nothing worth to be excited but quite contrary. This feature allows you to extract additional insights from your logs. Why? Many of the logs like SysLog and Event Log stuff many of the […]

Windows Firewall Auditing with Operations Management Suite Part 2

While I was writing the previous blog on that subject I’ve remembered that I’ve forgot writing on another tip with Windows Firewall auditing. This tip is a small one. You can easily gather log data about Windows Firewall Port changes by adding the following log: Microsoft-Windows-Windows Firewall With Advanced Security/Firewall That way when someone adds/removes […]

My Webinar on Log Analytics in Operations Management Suite

Yesterday I’ve done a webinar for my company Lumagate on Azure OpInsights which is now called Operations Management Suite. If you are interested in viewing this webinar you can find it on Lumagate’s content Library.

SCOM 2007R2 – UNIX Text Log Monitoring

Overview: One of the most common monitoring requirements in large complex environments is the monitoring of log files in the Unix environment for certain specific error statements or phrases or regular expressions. In this demo, we will create a custom Unix log monitoring management pack that will cater to most of the log monitoring scenarios […]