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10 Reasons Why Live Maps Unity will change your World: Part 1

Are you familiar with Live Maps Unity? If you aren’t, check out the first part of this blog series, by SCOM Expert Daniel Örneling, who tells you why Live Maps Unity is a must-have if you want to have clear end-to-end visibility of your IT environment. 1. Business service monitoring made easy When you’ve built your […]

Live Maps Unity: Manage mobile devices with PowerShell

One of the features in Live Maps Unity is a mobile-device app that receives notifications when something goes wrong with a business service or a member of a Live Maps Unity view. The user of the app can choose to receive notifications for what services or Live Maps views they want to monitor. It would […]

Monitor your SLA levels with Live Maps Unity 7.5

Monitor your SLA levels with Live Maps Unity 7.5 by Daniel Örneling If you’ve heard about Live Maps Unity before, then you’ve most likely heard a lot about how it empowers business service modeling and allows you to monitor your services (such as your e-mail environment or a local Sharepoint site) together with all the components […]

Making SCOM Dashboards Fun

Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) is a very powerful agent-based monitoring tool. Pretty much anything can be monitored in SCOM, with an average deployment in an Enterprise covering thousands of individual discovered objects. One important feature of SCOM is Distributed Applications (DA), which according to TechNet, are defined as: “A Distributed Application in Operations Manager is […]

The Cloud and my on-prem investments by Daniel Örneling

The Cloud and my on-prem investments, a perfect match? As most people in the IT community know, there is a hip “new” thing called the Cloud. It has been a hot topic for a while now. When talking about it, there are some questions that are frequently asked, like: “What is the difference between public and […]

Proactively monitor your SLA with SCOM

A service level agreement (SLA) is a contractual document between a service provider and a customer that spells out responsibilities of both parties. It describes the type and quality of services customers can expect to receive from their providers, and outlines how customers can resolve problems. A typical SLA can include the following information: Quality […]

Create Live Maps Unity Services in PowerShell

This time I am writing a technical article on how to create Live Maps Unity Services using PowerShell. Why would we want to create Live Maps Services using PowerShell? Live Maps Unity comes with an Authoring Console that makes creating Service very easy. But in some scenarios, you don’t want a human to create services. […]

No more data silos: from reactive to proactive

Historically, the structure of a company’s data records closely matched the structure of the company itself; departments recorded information that they were specifically interested in, and cross-checked information to obtain conclusions that concerned the company in its entirety was being done at a higher level. This was done largely because analysis had to be done […]

Add Business Service Management capabilities to OMS

The Operations Management Suite from Microsoft is a great extension of the Microsoft systems management portfolio. OMS allows you to store tons of event log and performance data in the cloud, and easily search that data. Next to that, they offer some great out-of-the-box analytics for configuration and security management. New features are being added […]

Introducing Live Maps Unity’s New Web Portal

In the newest release of Live Maps Unity 7.5, we introduced great new features that will help you to proactively monitor your SLAs, and get better end-to-end service visibility. You will be able to track interconnected infrastructure and applications on any mobile device, anywhere with our new HTML5-based portal, one of the main features of our release. The […]