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Grow your IT maturity through Business Service Intelligence

Despite the many new technologies brought to the datacenter in the past 10 years, the relative maturity of organizations’ IT operations has remained constant. The focus remains on fire-fighting and buying technologies to fix problems, rather than focus on strategic technology purchases that can drive innovation and be more competitive in the market:tech Taking the Gartner […]

Welcome to the Modern IT world: Forcing IT out of its traditional role

Welcome to the Modern IT world: Forcing IT out of its traditional role It has not been until recently that IT was seen as an essential part of the business, but not directly linked to its success. In todays’ competitive markets, where business equals customer, IT has been forced to step out of its traditional […]

How-to: Manage hybrid IT environments

How-to: Manage hybrid IT environments With today’s IT world is increasingly hybrid, cloud-based computing has opened new opportunities for applications and services that would never have been before. The convergence of several technical and social trends has created an IT environment that presents tremendous business opportunities for companies that can harness them. As a result, […]

More relevance, not more data

Most companies that begin to formally manage their IT infrastructures do so when their management teams begin to perceive a pervasive state of uncertainty. Not only do various services go offline or perform poorly (due to overloading, data stalls or network problems), but they do so haphazardly, making mitigation difficult to plan and inefficient to […]


The APM market has continued to grow to over $2.6 billion in 2014 according to Gartner. ITOA is a hot new sub-segment that has been taking up market share; with players such as Splunk growing astronomically even against the likes of AppDynamics, New Relic and Dynatrace. For a CIO, this is a strategic decision on […]

Why do so Many IT Projects Fail

As an outsider, you might think that the IT industry is the goose that lays golden eggs and asks for nothing in return. And why shouldn’t you? So many countries have tax deductions for IT employees and employers alike, and all those who work in the field seem to live prosperous lives. While the industry […]

Extending the native capabilities of Operations Manager with Savision Live Maps by MVP Marius Sandbu

Operations Manager has always been a great tool; the challenge with it is that it requires proper tuning. If it doesn’t receive its proper tuning, it will just generate a lot of noise. However, if properly tuned, it will become an IT-admin’s best friend. Now, one other problem with it is that it’s aimed for […]

Judging Your IT Organization’s Maturity by MVP Kerrie Meyler

If there’s one thing constant about information technology, it’s that it is continuously evolving; and as it evolves, IT departments try to keep up with it by jumping on the latest technology trends. No one wants to be left off the bandwagon, be it BYOD, cloud technology, or the various trends/fads of yesteryear. Continually reinventing […]