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Tame your IT Operations tools

Using the right tools can drastically optimize your IT Operations, while helping you improve service levels and your overall IT Maturity. Join Savision’s webinar, hosted by Product Strategist, Dan Merritts, who will show you through practical guides how to get a handle on your IT tool sprawl by using these four strategies: – Rationalize old and new tools – Upgrade tools, minimize disruption – Unify workflows, maintain domain expertise […]

Monitoring in Azure with Unity iQ

A lot of organizations have challenges checking if they have full hybrid redundancy built into their cloud environments. Many find it even more difficult to perform SLA monitoring across private and public cloud environments. Savision’s Unity iQ platform offers a solution that helps monitor your business services across most hybrid cloud environments. The solution allows […]

How-to: Manage hybrid IT environments

How-to: Manage hybrid IT environments With today’s IT world is increasingly hybrid, cloud-based computing has opened new opportunities for applications and services that would never have been before. The convergence of several technical and social trends has created an IT environment that presents tremendous business opportunities for companies that can harness them. As a result, […]

Top 10 predictions for the ITOM market in 2016

Check out the Top 10 IT predictions for the ITOM market – This collection provides insightful and bold predictions that will emerge for the ITOM market in 2016. The list is comprised by specific industry guesses as well as some general trends. 1. ITOA will start showing value “out-of-the-box” Over the last year, the potential of IT Operations Analytics […]

End-user Monitoring – The Next Level in Predictive Analysis

A Business Service Management (BSM) perspective dictates that organizations should learn to align their business objectives with the IT department. This will help businesses with predictive analysis and gain a customer-centric approach, which can help them stay competitive. Similarly, ITOA (IT Operations Analytics), though in its early stages is aiming to become the standard in maintaining performance, […]

The Technology to Business Experiment by Sam Erskine

IT Pro to IT Scientist blog series: The Technology to Business Experiment – “A Savvy Vision” “New technology approaches and mind-sets continue to transform the business world.” Well not really, actually! Do we really understand what business needs and what outcomes matter? It depends! We see two approaches to the challenge in the eyes of technology […]