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Tame your IT Operations tools

Using the right tools can drastically optimize your IT Operations, while helping you improve service levels and your overall IT Maturity. Join Savision’s webinar, hosted by Product Strategist, Dan Merritts, who will show you through practical guides how to get a handle on your IT tool sprawl by using these four strategies: – Rationalize old and new tools – Upgrade tools, minimize disruption – Unify workflows, maintain domain expertise […]

Business Intelligence + IT Monitoring + IT Service Management = BSI

Managing hybrid environments comes with many challenges, and one of those challenges is the realization that organizations need to modernize their IT operations to improve service delivery in order to keep up with the hybrid world and the digital transformation. With surmountable pressure to deliver business value and get IT infrastructure to operate more efficiently, […]

How-to: Become more proactive in IT service delivery

How-to: Become more proactive in IT service delivery Why is it important to be more proactive within the IT department? How do you get started? What should you avoid? A lot of companies are facing the same challenge: how can they be proactive when they have a lot of infrastructure that needs to be monitored? […]

Controlling Live Maps Unity Service Rollup Behavior: Experiences from the field by Jonas Lenntun

Introduction With Savision Live Maps Unity, you gain great insight into the current status of the delivery of your IT-services in a simple and intuitive interface. Using the Live Maps Authoring Console, you can control the behavior of which alerts are going to be fired off when a service goes into an undesired state. However, […]