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Welcome to the Modern IT world: Forcing IT out of its traditional role

Welcome to the Modern IT world: Forcing IT out of its traditional role It has not been until recently that IT was seen as an essential part of the business, but not directly linked to its success. In todays’ competitive markets, where business equals customer, IT has been forced to step out of its traditional […]

ITOA as a Solution to Boost Your Revenue

When discussing the main benefits of ITOA, prevention is the word that occurs most often; indeed, when abiding by ITOA principles, companies can easily prevent mishaps like communication breakdowns or even server failures. But there’s another idea that prevails in discussing this matter: the efforts IT managers have to make in order to convince C-level […]

More relevance, not more data

Most companies that begin to formally manage their IT infrastructures do so when their management teams begin to perceive a pervasive state of uncertainty. Not only do various services go offline or perform poorly (due to overloading, data stalls or network problems), but they do so haphazardly, making mitigation difficult to plan and inefficient to […]

The Advantages of IT Operations Analytics

There is no shortage of experts who perpetually remark the importance of a solid IT infrastructure in today’s business landscape. A far-reaching consensus among experts has long acknowledged not only that the IT infrastructure plays the role of a veritable backbone in business operations, but also that, like other business-enabling assets, it has to be […]