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Monitoring in Azure with Unity iQ

A lot of organizations have challenges checking if they have full hybrid redundancy built into their cloud environments. Many find it even more difficult to perform SLA monitoring across private and public cloud environments. Savision’s Unity iQ platform offers a solution that helps monitor your business services across most hybrid cloud environments. The solution allows […]

How-to: Manage hybrid IT environments

How-to: Manage hybrid IT environments With today’s IT world is increasingly hybrid, cloud-based computing has opened new opportunities for applications and services that would never have been before. The convergence of several technical and social trends has created an IT environment that presents tremendous business opportunities for companies that can harness them. As a result, […]

Managing hybrid environments

Managing Hybrid Environments With today’s IT world becoming increasingly hybrid, organizations are under pressure to modernize their IT infrastructure in order to operate more efficiently. Managing hybrid environments comes with many challenges, and one of those challenges is the realization that their current IT management systems need to be modernized to keep up with the […]

The Cloud and my on-prem investments by Daniel Örneling

The Cloud and my on-prem investments, a perfect match? As most people in the IT community know, there is a hip “new” thing called the Cloud. It has been a hot topic for a while now. When talking about it, there are some questions that are frequently asked, like: “What is the difference between public and […]

Instrumenting the Hybrid Cloud by Microsoft MVP John Joyner

During this webinar MVP John Joyner will reveal the secrets to effectively manage distributed and hybrid cloud components. You will learn the four phases of solution deployment, and find out how tools from Microsoft partners  let you visualize topology and workflow for effective decision making in any IT scenario. Learn the right way to instrument your Cloud and on-premises infrastructure with […]

Banishment for Silverlight

Banishment for Silverlight For years, our flagship product, Live Maps Unity has come complete with a web-based console so that you can view the state of your business services in the web browser of your choice. However, the Live Maps web console has started to show its age; this is most apparent in its use […]

Instrumenting the Hybrid Cloud: Whitepaper by MVP John Joyner

Discover the secrets to manage your cloud components: Download our EXCLUSIVE whitepaper ‘Instrumenting the Hybrid Cloud’ by MVP John Joyner Discover the secrets to manage your cloud components. Learn the right way to instrument your cloud, and on-premises infrastructure with System Center technologies by downloading Savision’s newly released whitepaper from MVP John Joyner. Most enterprises have a […]

Hybrid Cloud with NVGRE Whitepaper

I would like to introduce a new whitepaper titled “Hybrid Cloud with NVGRE” that is authored by my mates Kristian Nese (MVP) and Flemming Riis (MVP). Daniel Neumann and me are technical reviewers and helpers with some knowledge. Flemming also provided us with the hardware for the lab and this wouldn’t be possible without him. Please […]