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Why Service-Oriented Monitoring is here to stay

Many of you are most likely running some kind of monitoring tool in your environment today to make sure that your servers are up and running as they should. Traditionally, monitoring has been focused at checking the state of single components, such as the server itself (does it respond to ping?), memory and CPU etc. […]

Azure RemoteApp: Error: DNS server could not be reached

As I’ve mentioned before I am in process on extending my scope. Part of that scope is Azure RemoteApp. So I’ve been exploring Hybrid Deployment and my setup is basically the same described here. So I had this deployment for than a month but recently when I tried to update my deployment with new image […]

Several MPs Updated

This blog post is to inform you that several MPs have been updated with some important fixes/features. You can find all the information here. My personal best improvement is: Add Task launch PowerShell session on the remote machine for All Computers

New MP: System Center Management Pack for Windows Server DNS

No I am not wrong this is actually a new MP not just an updated version of the old one. You can install it side by side with the old one until you feel comfortable of using only the new one and this is stated in a Note on the download page: This Management Pack […]

Introducing SCVMM Service Templates and Datacenter Automation by Solution Accelerators Team

Solution Accelerators Team in Microsoft is starting two new initiatives: