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How to get better insights from SCOM + OMS data

Join Savision’s new online session to learn how to stay in control of your IT environment. Don’t miss our deep-dive session, hosted by Justin Boerrigter – Savision’s Technical Sales Manager, where he will demonstrate how you can get better insights from your SCOM and OMS data. During the session, you will learn how to correctly diagnose and fix problems before they impact the end-user experience. […]

Live Maps v8: New Out-of-Box Services part 1

Live Maps v8: New Out-of-Box Services part 1 Live Maps enables you to visualize and understand the availability of your business-critical services. With Live Maps you are able to model your key business services and immediately see valuable information about their health and performance. Although many of our customers have custom applications and services that they […]

Static URLs: A new gateway to Live Maps

  Static URLs: A new gateway to Live Maps  In our latest release of Live Maps, we included many new features that help take away the complexities of SCOM. Among these features that are adding great functionality to Live Maps, we have: Service Notes, many new out-of-box services, BMC Remedy integration, and Read-only Dashboards, which […]

Live Maps v8 – What is new? Part I

Live Maps v8 – What is new? Part I Savision is about to release a new version of its flagship solution Live Maps. This new and improved version contains a number of powerful and cutting-edge features. In this and in our next blog article, I am going to describe some of the highlights that will […]

A deep dive into Live Maps Unity dashboards by Daniel Orneling

As you may already know Savision adds another level of functionality with its solutions to the System Center suite by letting us take that extra step in managing our IT environment. If you´ve been around and have followed this blog for a while, you may already have seen my last blog where I showed a couple […]

New and fresh dashboards straight out of the oven by SCOM expert Daniel Orneling

New and fresh dashboards straight out of the oven by Daniel Orneling Dashboards by Savision is a free HTML5 dashboarding tool that complements SCOM in a really nice way when creating custom views/dashboards. In the new version of Dashboards by Savision, the “Computer Health & Dashboards” has been incorporated again. When I was first introduced […]

What is new in Live Maps 7.4

What is new in Live Maps 7.4 We recently released version 7.4 of Live Maps Unity. In this release we were able to add a number of great new features. We have created an integration with ServiceNow, one of the market leaders in IT Service Management. We also added more ways to show performance information […]

Ready-made, IT-centric and fancy dashboards by SCOM Expert Daniel Orneling

For many of us, Savision has always been synonymous with Live Maps Unity, a Business Service Management solution. Live Maps Unity is a great solution as it gives us a clear visualization of the health, availability and performance of your business services using data from SCOM. But wouldn’t it be great to also have some […]

PSWB – Script to run a search for required updates data in System Center Advisor

I’ve just released a PowerShell script similar to the ones released by Advisor team. The search in Advisor is focused on Required Updates for servers. You will need System Update Assessment Intelligence Pack enabled in Advisor. You can find the script here.

Everything you need to konw to become a SCOM Dashboard Jedi Master!

Came across the following link on Tim McFadden’s blog. This is an amazing resourse that can help you master the art of OpsManager 2012 Dashboards. http://www.scom2k7.com/dashboards-in-scom-2012/   This is a great resource! Thank you Tim McFadden.