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Cloud Adoption: Tips and Considerations – by MVP Alessandro Cardoso

Are you thinking about Cloud Adoption? The Cloud can be a powerful platform and many organizations are building their business processes around Cloud capabilities as it addresses elasticity, agility, costs and time to market. Today, the decision to invest in cloud solutions has shifted to include other business units (e.g. HR, Finance, Marketing and Sales), each […]

Cloud Management: Keep your cloud assets healthy and your IT spend under control

Gartner recently held a webinar “Best Practices for Managing Public Cloud Services”, hosted by Research Director, Mindy Cancila. During the webinar, Mindy discussed the need for appropriate people, processes, and tools, stating “your cloud deployments will fail if you do not plan for management.”  At the same time, she also discussed the relative immaturity of public cloud […]

Instrumenting the Hybrid Cloud by Microsoft MVP John Joyner

During this webinar MVP John Joyner will reveal the secrets to effectively manage distributed and hybrid cloud components. You will learn the four phases of solution deployment, and find out how tools from Microsoft partners  let you visualize topology and workflow for effective decision making in any IT scenario. Learn the right way to instrument your Cloud and on-premises infrastructure with […]

Banishment for Silverlight

Banishment for Silverlight For years, our flagship product, Live Maps Unity has come complete with a web-based console so that you can view the state of your business services in the web browser of your choice. However, the Live Maps web console has started to show its age; this is most apparent in its use […]

Instrumenting the Hybrid Cloud: Whitepaper by MVP John Joyner

Discover the secrets to manage your cloud components: Download our EXCLUSIVE whitepaper ‘Instrumenting the Hybrid Cloud’ by MVP John Joyner Discover the secrets to manage your cloud components. Learn the right way to instrument your cloud, and on-premises infrastructure with System Center technologies by downloading Savision’s newly released whitepaper from MVP John Joyner. Most enterprises have a […]