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Welcome to the Modern IT world: Forcing IT out of its traditional role

Welcome to the Modern IT world: Forcing IT out of its traditional role It has not been until recently that IT was seen as an essential part of the business, but not directly linked to its success. In todays’ competitive markets, where business equals customer, IT has been forced to step out of its traditional […]

New Features in Live Maps Portal: Service Notes

New Features in Live Maps Portal: Service Notes Live Maps v8 comes with many new and great features that add a lot more functionality to Live Maps. One of the new features is the ability to create Service Notes. Service Notes are simple, convenient, and allow you to annotate services within the Live Maps Portal. […]

SCOM Service Monitoring

Monitoring your IT Services with SCOM can be quite tricky to realize, but becomes more and more important. Do you want to know how to get your Services monitored, fast and efficient? SCOM Service Monitoring Most people that are looking for SCOM service monitoring are probably looking for information about how to monitor a Windows Service […]

The Cloud and my on-prem investments by Daniel Örneling

The Cloud and my on-prem investments, a perfect match? As most people in the IT community know, there is a hip “new” thing called the Cloud. It has been a hot topic for a while now. When talking about it, there are some questions that are frequently asked, like: “What is the difference between public and […]

Add Business Service Management capabilities to OMS

The Operations Management Suite from Microsoft is a great extension of the Microsoft systems management portfolio. OMS allows you to store tons of event log and performance data in the cloud, and easily search that data. Next to that, they offer some great out-of-the-box analytics for configuration and security management. New features are being added […]

Building Your Service Catalog and Service Maps

The idea behind an IT service catalog is simple – let users pick and order IT services from an online catalog when they need them. The process is supposed to be efficient, straightforward, and transparent, enabling users to instantly see the services available, the timeframes when they can be delivered, and the costs involved. When […]

Overcoming Obstacles in Adopting ITIL

Despite the mixed views and doubts of IT managers and other business executives, ITIL is definitely here to stay. The reluctance of IT managers to adopt ITIL can be explained by several factors, such as their need to commit to a long and tedious project, as well as having to include executive management, which is […]

Customize System Alerts to the Needs of the Recipient

The key to successful alerts is ensuring the right people are alerted in the right way and at the right time. Imagine one of your organization’s business critical services goes down due to a server’s outage. How many different people need to be notified? The IT manager on duty will focus first on getting the […]

Banishment for Silverlight

Banishment for Silverlight For years, our flagship product, Live Maps Unity has come complete with a web-based console so that you can view the state of your business services in the web browser of your choice. However, the Live Maps web console has started to show its age; this is most apparent in its use […]

What is new in Live Maps 7.4

What is new in Live Maps 7.4 We recently released version 7.4 of Live Maps Unity. In this release we were able to add a number of great new features. We have created an integration with ServiceNow, one of the market leaders in IT Service Management. We also added more ways to show performance information […]