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Business Intelligence + IT Monitoring + IT Service Management = BSI

Managing hybrid environments comes with many challenges, and one of those challenges is the realization that organizations need to modernize their IT operations to improve service delivery in order to keep up with the hybrid world and the digital transformation. With surmountable pressure to deliver business value and get IT infrastructure to operate more efficiently, […]

Grow your IT maturity through Business Service Intelligence

Despite the many new technologies brought to the datacenter in the past 10 years, the relative maturity of organizations’ IT operations has remained constant. The focus remains on fire-fighting and buying technologies to fix problems, rather than focus on strategic technology purchases that can drive innovation and be more competitive in the market:tech Taking the Gartner […]

New Features in Live Maps Portal: Service Notes

New Features in Live Maps Portal: Service Notes Live Maps v8 comes with many new and great features that add a lot more functionality to Live Maps. One of the new features is the ability to create Service Notes. Service Notes are simple, convenient, and allow you to annotate services within the Live Maps Portal. […]