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End-user Monitoring – The Next Level in Predictive Analysis

A Business Service Management (BSM) perspective dictates that organizations should learn to align their business objectives with the IT department. This will help businesses with predictive analysis and gain a customer-centric approach, which can help them stay competitive. Similarly, ITOA (IT Operations Analytics), though in its early stages is aiming to become the standard in maintaining performance, […]

Add Business Service Management capabilities to OMS

The Operations Management Suite from Microsoft is a great extension of the Microsoft systems management portfolio. OMS allows you to store tons of event log and performance data in the cloud, and easily search that data. Next to that, they offer some great out-of-the-box analytics for configuration and security management. New features are being added […]

The benefits of business service management and dependency mapping by Dennis O’Reilly

The best way to deliver business services at the speed modern companies require is by using self-service portals and automation. To meet today’s high service quality levels, organizations need to monitor service delivery pro-actively. By using a solution that maps dependencies between IT components and service definitions, you’re able to deliver relevant information to the […]

Customize System Alerts to the Needs of the Recipient

The key to successful alerts is ensuring the right people are alerted in the right way and at the right time. Imagine one of your organization’s business critical services goes down due to a server’s outage. How many different people need to be notified? The IT manager on duty will focus first on getting the […]