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Quick and Practical Guide to ARM Templates book

Book published on Amazon – Quick and Practical Guide to ARM Templates

Quick and Practical Guide to ARM TemplatesĀ is a very non-conventional book. The objective of the book is to help you “Become Experts in Developing ARM Templates for Microsoft Azure without any prior knowledge”. This book is for both a beginner and intermediate users. This is a quick and practical approach to learning ARM Templates for […]

Deploying Azure ARM Template Using Azure PowerShell

In the previous blog you learned How to build your first ARM Template . Now that you have a fully functional ARM template we want to deploy this template to Azure. There are various options to deploy a template to Azure. We already saw in the last blog How to deploy template using Azure Portal. […]

Understanding Helper Functions in ARM Templates

ARM Templates has various dynamic constructs called Helper Functions which can make your template more generic. These constructs reduce the hard coded values in your templates. You can use the information from this blog to make your existing templates more dynamic and start writing new templates with a much generic approach. Let’s look at the […]

Creating ASR Template from an existing Azure Infrastructure and Modifying It

This blog post is for you if: You want to backup an Infrastructure configuration/setup in Azure and want to redeploy it to another environment then this blog is for you. You want to create similar infrastructure as one of existing deployments in Azure You want to modify the configurations of existing Azure IaaS infrastructure and […]

Using Key Vault to Securely Provide Information in ARM Templates

When providing passwords and other secure and confidential information in ARM Templates, you need to ensure that you don’t hard code these values anywhere. You don’t need to compromise the security of the system while trying to automate deployments. Your end goal is to try to automate as much as possible and reduce manual involvement. […]

Deploying a Windows VM with OMS integration

You can deploy a Windows VM with OMS integration. You can have the OMS extension installed. And then you can onboard the VM to a specified workspace. Prerequisites You need already have an OMS workspace setup in your subscription. You need to have the following information about this OMS Workspace: OMS workspace ID OMS workspace […]

Start/Stop VMs during off-hours

Starting and Stopping VMs during off-hours can mean lots of cost optimizations for you. We have been implementing this via custom Runbooks and schedules for various customers. Now there is out of the box support for this within Azure. The feature is currently in Preview but you can build on this. What do I need […]

Visualizing ARM Templates and Generating Diagrams

Index of all blogs in this Step by Step ARM Templates series is located here: Step by Step Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Templates – Index When developing ARM Templates, from time to time you will need to: Visualize your ARM Templates Generate Diagrams for your ARM Templates Microsoft has provided an Open Source tool for […]

What is in an ARM Template – Understanding All Components

As we discussed earlier in the introduction Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Template is a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) file that defines one or more resources to deploy to a resource group. It also defines the dependencies between the deployed resources. In this post, we will deconstruct any basic ARM template and will understand it’s various […]

JSON 101 for IT Administrators

Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates are written in JSON or JavaScript Object Notation. To understand ARM templates, you need to understand few quick basics about JSON. These will enable you to lay a great foundation which will enable you to understand ARM templates very easily. JSON or JavaScript Object Notation (pronounce like “Jay-son”) is a […]