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Using Custom Log Search Alerts Based on Metric Measurement for Event Based Logs

In Azure Monitor we can create two type of alerts for Log Analytics: Custom Log Search Alerts Near real-time metric alerts Near real-time metric alerts are scoped to specific performance counter and heartbeat events but with Custom Log Search Alerts you can alert on any log in Log Analytics. With Custom Log Search Alerts the […]

Are you having problems with visualizing SCOM data, alert storms and Distributed Applications?

Are you having problems with visualizing SCOM data, alert storms and Distributed Applications? System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) is a great system to monitor services. In SCOM, an IT Service refers to a ‘Distributed Application’, mainly because most SCOM users think of a Windows Service or Web Service when they see the word ‘service’, instead […]

SCOM 2012: T-SQL to return alerts for a particular group.

Hi, Does anyone know how I can return current open alerts for a particular group using t-sql? I’m trying to setup a dashboard using this information. I have various t-sql code segments to return Alerts, however I’m finding it impossible to tie this up to groups. For Example; Within the Operations Manager Console, I’ve setup […]

Spend Your Money Wisely

With this post I would like to support my friend and fellow MVP Tao Yang. The text below is written by him but I fully support it. Read carefully. As what I’d like to consider myself as – a seasoned System Center specialist, I have benefitted from many awesome resources from the community during my […]

Notes from System Center Battlefield: Monitoring Guest Clusters with SCOM

So what is guest cluster? A guest cluster is when you create cluster inside of virtual machines. In the past we’ve done that trough ISCSI or FC and lately with Shared VHDX in Windows Server 2012 R2. And like any other cluster you will want to monitor these clusters with SCOM but as they are […]

SLA Management in System Center Operations Manager

The idea behind this article is to show you how you can create dynamic groups that represent different Service Level Agreements (for example GOLD, SILVER or BRONZE). Depending what SLA level is certain CI (server) it will be put in the corresponding group. Also I should mention that this solution is already available over Internet […]

Routing Alerts from SCOM in SCSM by using Custom Field Criteria Type

Recently I faced the task to route alerts from SCOM in SCSM to different Support Groups. It seemed like an easy task because in most cases routing is based in Management Pack Name criteria. For example alerts that come from Management Pack that contains “SQL” in its name are assigned to SQL Support Group, alerts […]