Survey 2013: How do you use SCOM reporting?

Use SCOM Reports? Take a Survey!It was more than a year ago when I published the survey about how people tend to use SCOM reporting. Let’s do that again. Questions are almost the same, 1 removed, 2 added, 10 in total.

I invite you to participate, this is your chance to influence me and some other guys involved into management pack development. Who knows, maybe you’ll get a report you dream about in return :).

Please use any of following links to answer questions:

The survey will be open for 2 months, results will be published after closure.

One thought on “Survey 2013: How do you use SCOM reporting?

  1. Søren Kjærhus

    Done with a few comments 🙂

    “Trend prediction” was the keyword, having to create custom reports and code to enable that in reports shouldn’t be necessary, I could manage to hack it together so I’m pretty sure a real developer would be able to do a much better job of it 🙂

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