Step-by-Step – SCOM 2016 Update Rollup 1 (UR1) Install Procedure

Well, that was fast… System Center/Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) team just released Update Rollup 1 for SCOM 2016, only weeks after the System Center 2016 suite and Windows Server 2016 were released.

The MOM team did not indicate what exactly the fixes were in this Update Rollup, so your guess is good as mine. However, I believe one of the issues that may have been resolved was the SCOM 2012R2/SCOM 2016 Console crash due to the October Cumulative Update, October 2016 Windows Server Cumulative Update(s).

Below step by step procedures below are the steps I took…

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2 thoughts on “Step-by-Step – SCOM 2016 Update Rollup 1 (UR1) Install Procedure

  1. Beigewell

    I think there is a typo in the documentation, the SQL UR file looks as though it is for the OperationsManagerDB not the DW as per your instructions. Might explain why you had issues installing it on the DW? the file that gets created is update_rollup_mom_db.sql

  2. Ravi Yadav [MVP] Post author

    Wow you are very right! Definitely let that slip by… Looking over Microsoft’s documentation, looks like they have indicated the script does in fact need to be executed on the Data Warehouse, however looks like the Install MSP files only provided the OpsDB script. It is worth noting, I was able to successfully execute the script on the DW (whatever that means…). Perhaps the script is right, just not named correctly.. Either way, I will raise with the MOM team. Thank you for catching that error, Beigewell.

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