Sneak Preview – Live Maps Unity 7.5: SLA Monitoring

At Savision, we have been working hard on the new release of Live Maps Unity 7.5. The upcoming release will feature improved functionalities so you can get the most out of your System Center environment. We wanted to give you a glimpse of how we have extended the business service model within Live Maps Unity 7.5, including a powerful new feature called Advanced Service Level Agreement (SLA) Monitoring. With this new feature you can have more control over your SLAs by receiving proactive notifications when your SLAs are about to be breached.

Why is this such a great new feature?

When a business service is created in Live Maps Unity we automatically create service level objectives that measure the availability of the service and its three perspectives: End User, Application and Infrastructure. While you could view this SLA information in dashboards and reports, if you weren’t looking at it all the time you’d have no idea whether or not you were compliant with the SLA.

The new SLA monitoring feature generates alerts and health state changes when a service level objective is about to be breached (how much advance notice you want is configurable). This allows you to be proactive and properly prioritize remediation efforts rather than waiting for a report that tells you you’ve already violated the SLA.

Business hours for SLAs

Not all services need to be available 24×7, and many SLAs specify business days and hours over which the agreement is to be measured.  When you configure your service, we allow you to enter this information and then use it in the SLA calculations.

A picture of the Service Designer in the Live Maps Authoring Console shows the configuration that can be set related to SLA information for monitoring and the dashboards.


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