Snap Manager Management Pack V1

Since June I have been building this MP to help my teams track the status of multiple Snap Manager based programs.  This is the initial release of this work.  You will find details on the following three items

Snap Manager for Exchange

Snap Manager for SQL

Snap Manager for SharePoint 8 aka DocAve.

There are some state views for each type of system, as well as a view that shows the health of the last backup, in terms of did it run without issue.  The DocAve aspects don’t have health for the jobs, but rather a group that has only the not finished without issue jobs.  I also limited this to only discover the jobs for the last 14 days as you can set DocAve to not delete the jobs, and over the course of time have thousands of jobs to see.  I have an alert view that encompasses all the monitors and rules in the MP, as would be expected.  In addition there is a class of objects for the StoragePolicy that shows the retention policy of the storage system as was setup in the DocAve Console.


As far as importing the MPs goes you will need to import the Bostwick.SnapManager MP, then the visualizations.  I had some issue getting the authoring tools to verify and have just pulled a valid XML file from the project.  For some reason the authoring tools did not like three of the items, even though the intellisense saw them as existing.


There are two Account Profiles that you will need to configure.

SnapMgrSPDocAveLogin is the account that is local to DocAve.  In my environment this account is not AD connected.

SnapMgrSPSQLLogin is the account that will need read access to the SQL database that DocAve uses.  You can find that db and instance in smsp8_install_directory\control\web.config  look for ConfigDatabaseName in the file.


This MP does not have a lot of rules, rather monitors as those are generally my preference in building MPs.


There is one issue that I have yet to solve, in that inorder to delete the MP you need to export your Secure Reference MP, edit the file in your text editor and remove the references to this MP, and reimport that back to SCOM, before you can remove the MP itself.  Not sure why that is, but I am sure it has to do with how I am referencing the DocAve Local account in the MP.


As far as the other Snap Manager products go, I do not have an environment that has those, so do not have a means to build something for them.  I do plan on making more adjustments to this MP to get some tasks in place to be able to modify in bulk the Exchange and SQL notification addresses and relay device.

In other thing to note on the SnapMgr for Exchange aspect is that in the job failures, when you pull up the item in health explorer you will see in the state change tab, on the information at the bottom the details from the snap manager log for that system.  It should generally show things like “VSS writer failed”  as well as the actual error code from the log so that you can do your internet searching without having to logon to the systems and find the data yourself.


Please feel free to give me feedback and test it out and let me know if things don’t work as advertised.

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