Setting status of declined Service Requests to Rejected instead of Failed in #SCSM 2012

Introduced in SCSM 2012, Service Request has lacked a Rejected status from the very beginning. If any Review Activity of a Service Request is declined, the Service Request gets a Failed status. It’s a very confusing behavior that also affects the reporting.

One of our customer wants to solve the situation but with a minimum impact on the system’s performance. That means a Visual Studio project. And here I’m presenting the result.

The Rejected status has to be safe and I put it in the sealed management pack to avoid an accidental erase. A workflow setting a Service Request in the Rejected status is triggered when the Service Request gets the Failed status. It examines all Review Activities inside the Service Request and sets the Service Request’s status to Rejected if any internal Review Activity has been rejected.


Read the rest and download the files here…

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