[Series] System Center 2012 and the Private Cloud in the real world


With the proliferation of cloud (public, private, hybrid, thunder, etc.) in the last 24 months, software companies have been scrambling for position like squirrels fighting for the last acorn on earth. With System Center 2012, Microsoft has incredible management capability, but it’s but it’s going to take more than raw potential to win the race to dominate private cloud in the enterprise. As a System Center consultant working in this space, I see and hear about VMware (vCloud Director), IBM (Service Delivery Manager) frequently and they come to the game with a big bag-o-knuckles and they are playing to win.

With enterprises putting these products through the paces side-by-side, the winner is going the one with more than raw capabilities and a good marketing message. The winner will be the one with a solution addressing the full service delivery lifecycle….a solution with ready-made artifacts enabling rapid time-to-value…a solution that’s polished.

The road to the cloud runs through Vegas

Based on where things are in the product development cycle, it’s not hard to guess that Microsoft will be making some announcements at the MS Management Summit in Vegas in April 2012. In this series, we are going to take a closer look at what System Center 2012 brings to the table, and where Microsoft can improve to come out on top. With System Center 2012 components in various stages of beta and release candidate, there is still work to be done if Microsoft intends to emerge as the clear winner…but with the Cloud Services Process Pack still in development, it’s not too late!

Bringing clarity to the private cloud

Over the next few weeks, we will provide notes from the field as we examine how the Microsoft private cloud  with System Center 2012 performs throughout the service delivery lifecycle and why you should care.

First installment coming soon…

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