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SCLogo System Center Tip-of-the-Day for May 24th, 2010

From community members Harashukugrl and Alicia Schmiede, here is a tip for creating a shortcut that will start your OpsMgr console into a specific view. (click HERE for original forum discussion)

Here are the shortcut parameters for Microsoft.MOM.UI.Console.exe

  • /ViewName
  • /TaskName
  • /TaskTarget
  • /ManagementPack

To make this work, you need to use the internal names, not the display names of the views, tasks, etc.In the Windows MPs, the values you’re looking for show up under Presentation\Views in the Authoring Console under the “Name” column. Your Management pack ID will be the Id listed when you look at File–>Management Pack Properties in the authoring console.

Here’s a sample you can use in a shortcut to launch a state view for the server operating system class.

“C:\Program Files\System Center Operations Manager 2007\Microsoft.MOM.UI.Console.exe”

/ViewName:Microsoft.Windows.Server.OperatingSystem.State.View /ManagementPack:Microsoft.Windows.Server.Library

NOTE: There is a console bug which causes .net exceptions to crash your consoles when you’ve got more than 1 console open on a machine from a single user.  (different users have no problem).CU2 for OpsMgr 2007 R2 is meant to fix this

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