SCOM–SCVMM Runas Account cannot logon locally

When you install the SCVMM management pack it requires a service account or runas ccount with SCVMM admin permissions to be setup in SCOM.

Once you configure this account it is set to Less Secure.


Which actually means  the account gets distributed to every health service in your environment.

The health service in its turn tries to logon with this runas account resulting in tons of messages and monitors going on warning state on every agent where the account doesn’t have logon locally rights. like Domain controllers


To avoid this behavior you need to set the account to More Secure and define to which health services the account gets distributed:

  • SCOM Management Servers
  • SCVMM Servers
  • Hyper-V Servers

Once you changed the configuration the error messages should automatically resolve since these are alert messages from monitors.



Oskar Landman

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