SCOM Virtualization host CPU spikes

A lot of the core functionality SCOM 2016 have today was released with SCOM 2007. SCOM 2007 was released (as the name states) in 2007, at the very, very early stages of virtualization. 2007 Was also the start of my professional IT career and I remember only the moste assertive companies with most capital was thinking about or using SAN and virtualization. I am talking about oil companies, large architectural firms etc. but still they had the environments in-house, making the virtualization environments small.

In 2018 most companies have much larger environments in-house or have moved everything to a service provider or a public cloud, and now, old SCOM 2007 implementations beginning to play a part.

Virtualization hosts

I work for a service provider in Norway, and we have around 4000 vm’s running on VMWare ESX. The environment is monitored in different ways, but visualization is using Grafana and Influx DB – providing very good insight to analyze the environment. See how you can create your own solution following Rudi Martinsens blog series on VMWare performance data.

This chart shows around 3000 VM’s CPU Ready spike every 15 minutes. Previously we had these spikes at 5 and 15. More on that later.

graph showing vms cpu ready spikes every 15 minutes

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