SCOM: Four tools in the ACS Resource Kit worth checking out

opsmgr_2007 SecureVantage is a company I am fond of because of their many contributions of time and resources to the OpsMgr community, including the System Center WIKI here at System Center Central. I recently took a look at version 1.1 of the SecureVantage ACS Resource Kit, and noticed a couple of tools that just about everyone could use
in some cases even if you do not have Audit Collection Services installed.  Below is a quick look at some of the highlights of what you’ll find.


1. Windows 2000/2003/2008/Vista Security Event with Legacy Equivalents

This spreadsheet is a copy of the Microsoft Security Event Reference for Windows 2008/Vista with the legacy event equivalents for  Windows 2000/2003 included. Pretty handy even if you are not an ACS customer. (I have actually been using this one for several months since they originally posted it).


2. Updated ACS Database and Disk Calculator Resource Calculator

SecureVantage have added to the ACS Database and Disk Calculator Resource Calculator I wrote a few months ago by adding additional worksheets, the most notable containing an ACS ROI Calculator for the SecureVantage archival component. This is a must-have tool when planning your ACS implementation, along with the guidance and sample Events per Second script in the OpsMgr Performance and Scalability Whitepaper.


3. Security Event Creation Scripts

There are more than two dozen sample VBscripts that can be used to affect changes that will trigger security events. Useful tools for testing your security rules even if you’re performing security auditing without ACS.

4. ACS Noise Filter HTML Application

When run on an ACS Collector, this GUI tool actually applies the appropriate noise filter query automatically. Since applying the right noise filter has been shown to reduce ACS database size by as much as 30%, this is another definitely worth taking a look at. It is accompanied by the well known ACS Noise Filter Guidewritten by SecureVantage several months ago.



That’s a taste of what you’ll find in the kit. You can find a download link to the SecureVantage ACS Resource Kit on our OpsMgr 2007 Community Toolbox  page.

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