SCOM 2007R2 – UNIX Process and Process Performance Monitoring


Monitoring unix processes for their availability and performance is key to understanding an applications performance. SCOM does provide a solution to monitor the availability of unix processes but doesn’t help collect performance data for those processes.

In this article, I am sharing the custom Unix process monitoring management pack that will monitor unix processes for their availability (minimum and maximum instance count) and also collect and alert on their performance (% CPU Used & % Memory Used).

Functionality Improvements:

Below is the functionality that this management pack will provide :
1) The entire monitoring can be defined and controlled from a centrally located csv file. Therefore no frequent changes will be required to be made to SCOM MPs for monitoring new unix processes.
2) Process names can contain regular expressions.
3) Unix processes with long process names can be easily monitored.
4) %CPU (Max & Avg) utilization and %Memory (Max & Avg) utilization for processes can be collected.
5) Alerts can be generated when performance thresholds are breached.
6) Works on all flavors on unix.

For more details on how to deploy and use this management pack refer to the below link:

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