Scheduling Backups for OpsMgr in Windows Server 2008

The System Center Operations Manager 2007 Unleashed book included a set of scripts on the CD (Chapter 12 content) that provided an automated backup process you could then schedule to execute as a regular task. These were also discussed at MMS 2009 as part of the SO34 “Don't Flirt With Disaster” presentation by Kerrie Meyler and Andy Dominey.

With Windows Server 2008 the process to schedule these backups has changed, because the task scheduling mechanism has changed. The following process constitutes the steps involved to schedule this batch job to run on each of the different OpsMgr servers in your environment:

  1. Install the backup programs as discussed on the CD with the OpsMgr 2007 Unleashed book.
    • Copy the full "\backups" folder on the CD accompanying this book to each OpsMgr 2007 server (including database servers). (This content should include backup.bat, exportmp.ps1, and savekey.exe.)
    • On the RMS, copy SecureStorageBackup.exe to the %ProgramFiles%\System Center Operations Manager folder from the installation media within the \SupportTools folder.
  2. Customize the script to enable the installed components on the server for each of your OpsMgr 2007 servers.
  3. Perform the following procedure for Windows Server 2008:
    • Start –> Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Task Scheduler (or go to search and type in Task Scheduler)
    • Create a New Basic Task

Scheduling OpsMgr Backup in Server 2008 - 04

    • Schedule it to run Daily

Scheduling OpsMgr Backup in Server 2008 - 05

    • Schedule for just before midnight and to recur every day

Scheduling OpsMgr Backup in Server 2008 - 06

    • Set the action to Start a program

Scheduling OpsMgr Backup in Server 2008 - 07

    • Specify the location of the batch file (in this example it is stored in c:\backups, but in general it is most likely on another drive such as e:\backups)

Scheduling OpsMgr Backup in Server 2008 - 08

    • The Finish screen should look like this

Scheduling OpsMgr Backup in Server 2008 - 09

    • Change the properties running the scheduled task to run as a user account that will have permissions and configure it to run whether a user is or is not logged on.

Scheduling OpsMgr Backup in Server 2008 - 11   

And there you go! Backups are now configured to be run daily on the server you were configuring the scheduled task for. The output backup folders should be picked up by an enterprise backup program to complete the process.

Scheduling OpsMgr Backup in Server 2008 - 10

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