SCC Health Check Reports Management Pack V2 !

This is the version 2 of the SCC Health Check Reports Management Pack released previous month.

OpsMgr Database Hygiene: SCC Health Check Reports Management Pack by Oskar Landman & Pete Zerger

This version is a follow up based on feedback on the first version.

Apart from more knowledge and links added we have also wrapped up almost twice the amount of reports in this version!

Version 2

A quick review on all reports in this version: New additions!

Report Name Queries Database
Agents – Agent Hotfix Report (OM) OperationsManager
Agents – Agents Missing Hotfix Report (OM) OperationsManager
Agents – Down Agents (OM) OperationsManager
Alerts – Alerts Closed by Specific User (DW) OperationsManagerDW
Alerts – Alerts Closed by User [Count] (DW) OperationsManagerDW
Alerts – Alerts Closed by UserID (DW) OperationsManagerDW
Alerts – Number of Alerts per Day (OM) OperationsManager
Alerts – Top 20 Alerts By Alert Count (OM) OperationsManager
Alerts – Top 20 Alerts By Repeat Count (OM) OperationsManager
Config Churn – Discoveries Last 24 Hours (DW) OperationsManagerDW
Config Churn – Modified Properties Details Last 24 Hours (DW) OperationsManagerDW
Events – All Events Count By Last 7 Days (OM) OperationsManager
Events – Most Common Events by Number and Publisher (OM) OperationsManager
Events – Top 20 Computers Generating the Most Events (OM) OperationsManager
Misc – Groups Report (OM) OperationsManager
Misc – Infrastructure Overview (OM) OperationsManager
Misc – Management Packs (OM) OperationsManager
Misc – Operational and Datawarehouse Usage Report (OM) – (DW) Both
Misc – Outage and Maintenance Report (DW) OperationsManagerDW
Misc – Run As Profiles (OM) OperationsManager
Performance – Performance Inserts Per Day (OM) OperationsManager
Performance – Top 20 Computers By Perf Count (OM) OperationsManager
Performance – Top 20 Performance Insertions By Perf (OM) OperationsManager
Performance – Top Performance Baseline Generating Rules (OM) OperationsManager
State – Noisiest Monitors (OM) OperationsManager
State – Old State Changes Not Groomed (OM) OperationsManager
State – State Changes Per Day (OM) OperationsManager

We have also changed the documentation a little because some people reported authentication problems when running the Ops DB reports.


Again the idea behind this MP is a real community MP. If you have feedback or additions please contact Oskar Landman or Pete Zerger and we are happy to add them to version 3! Of course your additions will be recognized by the community it the way of special credits!

The feedback can be in several ways of adding knowledge like links to good articles to fancy SQL queries to retrieve data out of the DB. Also if you feel we are missing crucial reports and don’t have the sql query to retrieve the data let us know we always  like a challenge 😉

Besides this we have also received rules and monitors to monitor the health of your environment more closely. We are currently looking if we will fit this in version 3 or make an additional MP accompanied by the reporting MP.


The future of this MP will depend on the feedback and additions received. Although I can already tell you version 3 will be released and in here we will consolidate the reports to bring down the number of reports which will make it faster to check up on your environment! Because many of them are related.

Special Credits

Special thanks to  Kevin Holman for his great feedback and as a query resource 😉

And of course Pete Zerger for his reports and query additions! Always fun and looking forward to version 3! maybe we can do this one in German 😉


The writers of this MP are not responsible for any problems derived from the MP although the MP has been tested on different installations and there are no known issues. There is always a possibility things are different in your environment so as always use the documentation and make sure that you know what you are doing.

The MP can be downloaded at the MP catalog.

Have Fun and feel free to comment or send in your feedback!

24 thoughts on “SCC Health Check Reports Management Pack V2 !

  1. PeterW

    Great stuff – Really helpful!
    Since we are still on OpsMgr 2007 SP1 I could not import it for sure. So I changed the references in the XML and it worked perfectly.
    Now I have all those nice reports available in SP1 and the best: They are working fine.
    Here are the references I am using:

    ID Microsoft.SystemCenter.Library
    Version 6.0.6278.0

    ID Microsoft.Windows.Library
    Version 6.0.6278.100

    ID System.Health.Library
    Version 6.0.6278.0

    ID System.Library
    Version 6.0.6278.0

    In case someone wants to try, please check your versions in the OpsMgr console and modify the XML accordingly.

  2. Sameer

    Thanks Guys. Great Reports, if I can get it working 🙂

    I am using SP1 and did the changes that Pete suggested. Imported fine.

    BUT am getting “An error occurred during report processing. query execution failed for the data set ‘operationaldatabasemain’ … ” error. I did change the credentials as suggested in the last part of the document. But that didn’t help.

    For some of the reports I also get “….Query execution failed for data set ‘SQL_SCOM_OP’..” error.

    Any help?



  3. Sameer

    Hi OsKar,

    Yes, I did name it OperationalDatabaseMain. I just copy pasted of what you had in the document.


    OK, I checked on the name. In the document the name is supposed to be “OperationalDataBaseMain” I tried to change this name to “OperationalDatabaseMain” as Oskar advised. But still its giving me the same error.. 🙁

  4. Layne

    Sameer, even though I’m using R2 I had the same error as you. I’m not sure if this will help you, but I had copied the connection string from the Data Warehouse Main datasource and changed the initial catalog. However, I needed to remove the Integrated Security=SSPI before the reports would work.

  5. elb01pd

    hello, I’m using R2 as well and had the same error. I did the same as Layne and I got 6 of the reports working. For the rest of the reports I get the known error.

  6. new2scc


    One alert report i’ve been struggling badly with and believe it would be VERY useful to have is a report to show all critcial alerts which are in resolution state NEW for > 24 hrs, which can be run for the previous week/month or whatever timeframe.

    The purpose is that our organisation is introducing internal service level agreements were all critical alerts should be acknowledged within one working day. Therefore we need to be able to run reports to check what alerts fell outside the SLA, and therefore know the service/service owner who needs to address the issues. In my SCOM deployment I have created additional resolution states of Acknowledged (1), Work In Progress (2) ontop of the default New (0) and Closed (255) states.

    At first glance I thought this would be quite straight forward but being a bit of a novice and the more I looked into it, the more difficult is seemed to achive (i posted about this on several sites and looked at others eg – I think the problem lies in how to calc the correct time in a particular state since it seems to raise another entry for the alert with the changes resloution state.

    If you have a sample SQL to do this it would be great if you could send me it and if you felt it was worth including in your V3 MP. Ideally if you could run a report to show alert Name/desc, Date/time created, Date/Time resolved, Lenthg to time in state (for NEW), closed By, Owner where you could maybe specify via params time period eg previous week/monthetc…

    Anyway thats my suggestion – I hope it makes sense and if you (OR ANYONE ELSE) had any ideas of a SQL script which I could work with to get me going in the meantime I’d greatly appreciate it!!…

    Many thanks

    PS Had emailed this but not sure if you got it!!

  7. elb01pd

    Everything is fine now, I had to tick “Impersonate the authenticated user after a connection has been made to the data source” as well.

  8. Scom4v


    I have created the DataSource and Imported the MP but I have only 2 reports in the SCC Health Check reports folder :

    Alerts – Alerts Resolved Closed by UserID (DW)

    Misc – Management Packs (OM)



  9. Luli


    I’ve got also R2 and have the same error for all reports getting its data from the OpsDB. I checked the naming to OperationalDataBaseMain is right… I also copied the connection string from the dataware house, changed the initial cataloque and remove the Integrated Security=SSPI. But it won’t work… Where could be the mistake?

    Thanks for your help!

  10. new2scc

    Hi, just wondering if there is any news of Version 3 being made available and what new reports etc may be included?…


  11. Blake

    I hate to beat a dead horse, but I’m still getting similar errors when I run any of the OM reports. The DW reports work fine.

    I enabled remote errors on my SQL Reporting Server, so I have a little more detail. For instance when I run the Agents – Agent Hotfix Report (OM) report, I receive the following error:

    An error has occurred during report processing.
    Query execution failed for dataset ‘OperationalDataBaseMain’.
    Invalid object name ‘MT_HealthService’. <— REMOTE ERROR!!!!

    Any ideas? I’m still digging. If I find the answer I’ll repost; hopefully someone else has already crossed this bridge.

  12. Natascia Heil

    Hi Pete, I have a problem with this management pack since we moved our SSRS database to a SQL 2008 R2 server. The MP was loaded from the OpsManager DB, but it seems to have problems to deploy the report.

    Part of the event on the MS is this: Failed to deploy reports for management pack with version dependent id ‘e7f83c4d-baad-4c09-a4dc-3fba57df94e2’. Failed to deploy report ‘SCC.HealthCheck.Reports.V2.OM.Misc.ManagementPacks’.

    The value of parameter ‘DataSources’ is not valid

    I checked the ReportServer DB and found that the links to the datasource were missing like described in this blog:
    So if I manually enter the link in the table, then the deployment goes on. Then I have to wait for the next report deployment cycle to get the next report entry in the db with the missing link etc.
    This is really is a mess. Specially if I have to do that in our 3 environments.
    Do you have an idea how to solve this problem?


  13. KWornell

    Just getting into SCOM 2007 and foudn this MP.  Perhaps this is a simple thing but what are the proper inputs for [Objects] in the Unhealthy Service Report?

  14. sebastian

    When importing the SCC HealthCheck Reports into our new MG , SCOM 2012 R2 UR1, following error occours:

    Log Name: Operations Manager
    Source: Health Service Modules
    Date: 24.04.2014 08:01:22
    Event ID: 31567
    Task Category: Data Warehouse
    Level: Error
    Keywords: Classic
    User: N/A
    Computer: MyComputer
    Failed to deploy reporting component to the SQL Server Reporting Services server. The operation will be retried.
    Exception ‘DeploymentException’: Failed to deploy reports for management pack with version dependent id ‘b3ae958e-d98e-44d8-ac71-599e034ec034’. Failed to deploy report ‘SCC.HealthCheck.Reports.V2.OM.Misc.ManagementPacks’. AdjustDataSources: Exception rsInvalidParameter400The value of parameter ‘DataSources’ is not valid. SQL Server Reporting Services10.50.4000.0127OsIndependent1033ReportingServicesLibraryThe value of parameter ‘DataSources’ is not valid.

    One or more workflows were affected by this.

    Workflow name: Microsoft.SystemCenter.DataWarehouse.Deployment.Report
    Instance name: Data Warehouse Synchronization Service
    Instance ID: {096C66BA-E48F-14CE-5060-EA8180DFAAF3}
    Management group: OM2012R2

    Would be great if somebody could help.
    Thanks !

  15. Oskar Landman Post author


    did you read the manual for importing the management pack?

    You need to create a custom datasource to connect to the Operational Database.

    The datasource should be named ‘OperationalDataBaseMain’.

    After creating the datasource the management pack should import without any problems.


  16. sebastian

    Problem soolved
    I open IE on the Reportserver.
    DataSource “OperationalDataBaseMain” was missing.
    I created that DataSource, i.e. copied from my current ReportServer and changed the connection string appropriately.
    Delete “SCC HealthCheck Reports” MP.

    In ReportServer the folder “SCC.HealthChech.Reports” was still present, so mark the checkbox and delete that folder.

    Again, install “SCC HealthCheck Reports” MP. You remember DataSource “OperationalDataBaseMain” is already defined.

    Now everything is okay. Reports are being produced.

    By the way: Great MP ! Especially the “State – Noisiest Monitors(OM)” is very,very useful.

    Thanks !

  17. sebastian

    Hello Oskar,

    no I did not read the docs before…so the experience has dropped a bit deeper into brain 🙂

    Thanks for your reply.

    P.S: I must have read when I prepared the first ManagementGroup, many month ago..

  18. Tommy

    Hi guys,

    I would like to see a report just like “Performance – Top 20 Performance Insertions by Perf” but with the extra option to enter a (single) date or time period. I believe this report simply shows all insertions instead of a specified period of time.

    Thanks in advance.



  19. Michael Brandt Lassen

    Hi guys

    For some reason only these four reports are present:

    • SCC.HealthCheck.Reports.V1.DW.Alerts.AlertsByUserID
    • SCC.HealthCheck.Reports.V1.OM.Misc.RunAsProfiles
    • SCC.HealthCheck.Reports.V1.OM.Perf.PerformanceInsertsPerDay
    • SCC.HealthCheck.Reports.V2.OM.Misc.ManagementPacks

    On the reporting server itself, the rest of the “reports” show themselves as resources, NOT reports.

    Any ideas?



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