SC Essentials 2010 Resource Kit provides key tools to make maintenance easier

There are some challenges that pretty routinely come up with System Center Essentials 2010 for which there have been no official answers.

  • Trouble related to the WSUS code-signing certificates is a common occurrence many IT pros cannot resolve
  • SCE has no Command Shell, so scheduled maintenance mode is very difficult for IT pros
  • Reading SCE setup logs to identify the problem can even be challenging for some IT consultants 

The System Center Essentials 2010 Resource Kit addresses these issues and more with a set of tools meant to augment Essentials 2010 off the shelf functionality 

The System Center Essentials Resource Kit includes:

  • Essentials Server Migration Advisor
  • Published Software Certificate Update Tool
  • Setup Log Parser
  • Maintenance Mode Management Pack
  • Computer Group Repair Tool
  • Essentials Server Cleanup Tool

Essentials Server Migration Advisor
You can use this tool to move an Essentials 2010 management server installation to a different server. The tool backs up the installation on the source server and restores it on the target server.
Published Software Certificate Update Tool
The published software certificate update tool removes the existing software publishing certificate from the Essentials 2010 or Essentials 2007 management server and all managed computers, generates a new certificate, deploys the certificate to managed computers, and signs all locally published content with the new certificate.
Setup Log Parser
When you install System Center Essentials 2010, Setup creates SCESetupWizard.log and a set of related log files, depending on the features you chose to install, such as SQL Server, Reporting, and Virtualization Management. If installation fails, you can use this tool to get an easy-to-read-report that contains enough information to determine if the installation was successful and to highlight any issues.
Maintenance Mode Management Pack
System Center Essentials 2010 maintenance mode does not provide a way to schedule the maintenance mode start time to begin at a future time. Use this tool if you want to schedule a group of computers to enter maintenance mode at a fixed time in the future. For example, you may want to schedule a group of computers to be in maintenance mode every Friday and Saturday night at 11:00PM for a duration of three hours.
Computer Group Repair Tool
The computer group repair tool identifies and repairs broken relationships between System Center Operations Manager computer groups and their corresponding Windows Server Update Service (WSUS) computer groups.
Essentials Server Cleanup Tool
After an installation failure, you can run the Essentials Server Cleanup Tool to clean out files left over from the failed installation and restore the computer to a clear, preinstallation state so that you can start the installation over again. Note that the tool removes existing Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) certificates from the computer.


You can download the Essentials 2010 Resource Kit at

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