ReSearchThis! KB – Path returns null value in many OpsMgr and SCE alerts

I saw an interesting issue in the forums this weekend I have noticed before, but never connected the dots on my own.

The Issue

The Path value is empty in some alerts. The default SMTP message format includes a line labeled “Path:”, but often there is nothing next to this label.


Source: hostname
Event Description: FileVersionCheck.vbs : System is NOT patched with KB979257


Alert Rule: Alert for dll version verification.

Created: 6/22/2010 3:12:58 PM

The Reason

According to Tenchuu, the issue is simple –  The Path only exists on hosted classes. Windows Computer is not a hosted class, therefore it has no path as it has no parent.
Windows Operating System is a hosted class and is hosted by Windows Computer, therefore the Path property in Operating System is the Windows Computer name.

Good to know!


Source: SCC Forums

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