ReSearch This KB – Operations Manager failed to start a process

Alert: Operations Manager failed to start a process

Management Pack Name:  System Center Core Monitoring

Management Pack Version: 7.0.9538.0

Rule or Monitor: Rule

Rule or Monitor Name: Workflow Runtime: Failed to run a process or script

Rule or Monitor Notes: This is a generic alert from Operations Manager which indicates that a script is or process is failing. To see which script which is failing see the information in the alert description. For this kb we are focusing on a series of highly recurring alerts related to the  “Microsoft.Windows.Server.NetwokAdapter.BandwidthUsed.ModuleType.vbs” script.

Issue: In this environment we were seeing these alerts recurring regularly from our HP teamed adapters. Per this discussion ( these alerts are caused by a failure in the script when running versus HP teamed network adapters. We tested this by running the script manually and validating the failure.

A sample alert description is shown below: (note the name of the script and the failure of the workflow name “Microsoft.Windows.Server.2008.NetworkAdapter.PercentBandwidthUsedTotal.Collection”.

Resolution: These alerts were occurring due to failures which were occurring on both a rule and a monitor. The rule name is “Percent Bandwidth Used Total”. The monitor name is “Percent Bandwidth Used Total”. To stop these alerts, we created a group which contained the Windows computers that had the HP teamed network adapters. Next we created an override to disable the rule and the monitor for this group of systems.

Screenshot of the rule:

Screenshot of the monitor:


2 thoughts on “ReSearch This KB – Operations Manager failed to start a process

  1. Arthur Silvany


    I would like to know if this warning  is only related  on HP adapters?  because I have some intel devices with the same warning message. How about to disable all team network devices? Do you have any suggest?




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