ReSearch This! KB – DNS 2008 Server External Addresses Resolution Alert

Alert: DNS 2008 Server External Addresses Resolution Alert

Issue: The rule performs a DNS query of type “NS” (as provided in the Query Type parameter), which means the query is search for the name servers of the domain provided in the Host parameter. The problem here is that the domain name provided is “”. Since this is a host name rather than a domain, the query returns a referral rather than a list of DNS servers. This results in the error message referenced above. This was occurring in MP version number 6.0.6480.0.

Resolution: You can fix the error in one of two ways (pick one, not both):

  • Set the Host parameter to “” (without the quotes). Then the query returns a list of DNS servers for the domain OR
  • Set the Query Type parameter to “A”. Then the query returns the IP address(es) for

For additional explanation and screenshots see 

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