ReSearch This KB – Cluster resource group offline or partially online

Alert: Cluster resource group offline or partially online

Management Pack Name: Windows Cluster Management Monitoring

Management Pack Version:

Rule or Monitor: 6.0.7005.0

Rule or Monitor Name: Monitor

Rule or Monitor Notes:  Rollup monitor for resource groups in a cluster

Issue: This monitor monitors resources if they are offline. If you have Hyper-V clusters and VMM when a virtual machine is shut down alert is raised by that monitor because the resource is offline. If you are in environment where you monitor your virtual machines from inside or you do not want to receive alerts for stopped virtual machines you will not want these alerts to be logged. If you are using VMM MP it will alert you if virtual machine is in unhealthy state without alerting you when the virtual machine is stopped. In such situation you can disable that monitor for virtual machine resources.


Create a group in SCOM and place in a new management pack. Create a dynamic rule for the group for class Windows Server 2012 Cluster Resource Group that Display Name matches wildcard SCVMM*

With this dynamic group all cluster resources that display name starts with SCVMM will be populated in that group. When machines is created in VMM that machine has the following naming convention SCVMM Resources

After the group is created and populated with your virtual machine resources you can disable the rule for that group with override.

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