ReSearch This KB – Cluster resource group offline or partially online

Alert: Cluster resource group offline or partially online

Management Pack Name: Windows Cluster Management Monitoring

Management Pack Version: 6.0.7005.0

Rule or Monitor: Rule

Rule or Monitor Name: Resource Group Monitor

Rule or Monitor Notes:

Only for Available Storage

Based on the severity of this alert, the Available Storage (XXX) resource group on the XXX cluster is offline (severity critical) or partially online (severity warning).

Issue: Some clusters when they are built up they do not have Available Storage in the cluster console. Because of that the Available Storage cluster group is offline by default.

Resolution: You need to logon to
the cluster and start PowerShell as administrator. With get-clustergroup you can see the state of all cluster group resources. Start-ClusterGroup -Name “Available Storage” will make online Available Storage resource group and the alert will not be logged again.

2 thoughts on “ReSearch This KB – Cluster resource group offline or partially online

  1. Alexey Zhuravlev

    Hi Stas,

    This behavior is a bug in discovery script. I’ve posted a ‘hotfix MP’ with the fixed script (discovery) here:

    In the ‘Q and A’ section you can find links for the version for Win2008 R2 clusters and the version for OpsMgr 2007 R2.

    The root cause for the alert below: Available storage is not discovered as ‘Available Storage’ resource group. It’s discovered as a ‘general’ cluster group. Resource Group Monitor has the built-in override that disables this monitor for Available Storage.  Obviously this override won’t work until Available Storage group is discovered properly.




  2. Stanislav Zhelyazkov Post author

    Hi Alexey,

    Thanks for the tip. Definitely it is better to use the hotfix MP as it will save a lot of manual work.

    I recommend using Alexey’s solution until Microsoft fixes the bug in the MP.

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