ReSearch This KB – Failed Agent Push/Repair – Remote Agent Management operation failed

Alert: Failed Agent Push/Repair – Remote Agent Management operation failed

Management Pack Name: System Center Core Monitoring

Management Pack Version: 7.0.9538.0

Rule or Monitor: Monitor

Rule or Monitor Name: Remote Agent Management operation failed

Rule or Monitor Notes: none


You can not install OpsMgr Agent on a remote computer. Either using a push install or running the MOMAgent.msi locally.

In both cases installation fails with the error: “Product: System Center 2012 – Operations Manager Agent — Error 25211.Failed to install performance counters.. Error Code: -2147024809 (The parameter is incorrect.).”


First, copy the agent
install files to the affected server. Then run the MOMAgent.msi with the key
/lv \ to get the verbose log.

Example: MOMAgent.msi /lv c:\temp\MyAgent.log

Go through the install process and let it fail. Now we have the verbose log. In our case we found this in the log:

“AddManagementGroup: USE_MANUALLY_SPECIFIED_SETTINGS property is set as 1, so adding management group configuration through setup, it will be pulled from AD by Healthservice.

AddManagementGroup: failed to add management group. Error Code:

So, there is nothing to do with performance counters. 0x800700B7 is “The management group already exists.” (

Now we need to check two registry keys:



HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft Operations Manager\3.0\Agent
Management Groups\

If any of those keys contains your management group name as a subkey you need
to delete it. If this server is not connected to any management group now (or
even has no agent installed at all) you can delete the keys



HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft Operations Manager

After registry is cleaned you install agent successfully.

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