Request Error on Calling Freshly Installed Orchestrator 2012 R2 Web Service

Previously I’ve encountered this error on the Preview build of Orchestrator 2012 R2 and now I’ve encountered in the RTM bits.


This error appears in the following scenario:

You have SQL server to store the Orchestrator DB. In my case it is SQL Cluster. You have one server where you want to deploy all Orchestrator roles.If you use the installation wizard and deploy all Orchestrator roles at once you will not have this error. The Orchestrator web service will work perfectly fine. But using the all in one installation doesn’t give you the flexibility to have different service accounts. So if you deploy with the all in one installation wizard first the management server and the web features the Orchestrator web service works fine. But as soon you start the installation again and deploy the Runbook server role on the same server the web service starts to give request error upon calling it. Apparently when you deploy the Runbook server role on the management server separately something is changed in the Orchestrator database and the web service stops working. Even if you have other servers with the web service they will also start giving the error.

The workaround

If you are OK of using all Orchestrator roles with one service account just install all roles at once. If you want to use different accounts have a dedicated server for Orchestrator management role and separate servers for Runbook and/or web features roles. As long as you do not install the runbook role on the management server separately your Orchestrator web service will be fine.

8 thoughts on “Request Error on Calling Freshly Installed Orchestrator 2012 R2 Web Service

  1. Stanislav Zhelyazkov Post author

    Hi Aengus,

    Orchestrator is setting DB permissions during install. Why the service account needs to be owner of the DB? And also which service Orchestrator service account – for management server or runbook servers?

  2. AengusM

    Unfortunately because I’m a single server operation I can’t confirm which account as I only run one.

    Why isn’t it set during install especially after it is defined in the wizard? That is the question I asked and the reason I gave why I didn’t want my Premier call charged and wanted it logged as a product bug 🙂 Waiting to see if the SCO Product Team come back with anything.

  3. Stanislav Zhelyazkov Post author

    OK. Great. Keep us updated if you find more information. When I install all roles on one server with one account I do not have the error. I think even if I install the management role with one account and than install the runbook role with the same account on the same server I’ve still had the issue.

  4. josefehse

    Hey guys, I had this very issue when upgrading from 2012 SP1. Everything on the same server, except for the DB (remote).

    Adding db_owner rights to the service account fixed the issue. Not ideal, maybe there is a less broad fix eventually.

    Thank you


    Jose Fehse

  5. Jan Kristensen

    Hey, I can confirm that the fix with DBOwner is working when the database is on a remote SQL cluster.. I have tried all other permissions, but without dbowner it just dont Work..

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