Ready for that software update compliance audit

Getting reports for a software update compliance audit of your servers is a daunting task.  SCCM’s internal reporting is a bit….lacking.

Using SCCM lens from Infront Consulting Group will allow you to prepare the necessary reports quite easily.


A quick dashboard view shows us the overall compliance for specific collections.

Drilling into the missing updates, another dashboard show which servers are missing which software updates:

Exporting this table, you can present the information to auditors as needed.

Scoping the view (lens) down to just one server, you can see its software update history:


All audit requests can be fulfilled efficiently using SCCM lens.

SCCM lens even provides a overview of SCCM health:


Request a demonstration of SCCM lens, beekeeper, or any of the many SCOM management packs.

Use beekeeper to compliment SCCM to get the servers that are missing software updates into compliance.

Get a trial copy of beekeeper today!!!

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